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Financial Filing, 2Q 2020

Scott Bradford for President LLC, the official campaign committee for the Scott Bradford campaign, has submitted its 2020 second quarter financial report to the Federal Election Commission (FEC). This, and other official campaign filings, can be found on the FEC web site.

This is the sixth quarterly report to the FEC following the establishment of the campaign. These reports will continue until the conclusion of the campaign (unless campaign revenues grow high enough to require submitting monthly reports instead).

This report covers the period from April 1, 2020, to July 31, 2020.

Summary of Filing

  • Total Receipts: $0.00
    • Contributions by candidate: $0.00
    • Contributions by other individuals: $0.00
  • Total Disbursements: $15.00
    • Operating expenditures: $15.00
  • Cash on Hand:
    • Beginning of period: $69.06
    • End of period: $54.06