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No More Dumb Excuses

I’m Scott Bradford, and I’m an independent candidate for President of the United States of America.

Our nation was built upon on some key ideas. These include the natural law theory of human rights, the principles of federalism and limited government, and an emphasis on fiscal responsibility and stability. The U.S. Constitution rests upon these ideas. The proper functioning of our government relies upon them.

These are timeless, non-negotiable ideas…and yet we seem to have forgotten them, or at least mired them in needless debate and confusion. We’ve lost a deep understanding of what human rights are and where they come from. We’ve lost any kind of limitation on federal authority, and we’ve forgotten what dual-sovereignty is and why it’s important. And we haven’t had a balanced federal budget in twenty years, even though both parties have at different times controlled Congress, the Presidency, or both. In many years we haven’t even had a budget.

Politicians, both Republican and Democratic, have married themselves to their respective party talking points. Many of these talking points are fundamentally misguided. Those that aren’t are, too often, just talking points. For example, the Republicans talk a lot about federalism and balanced budgets…but once they get power, the government keeps growing and the debts keep mounting. And Democrats talk a lot about human rights…but don’t seem to know what they are and often govern in a way that is directly opposed to them.

It’s time to get the United States of America back on track. No more hesitation. No more dissembling. No more partisan nonsense. No more lies. No more dumb excuses.